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New 2-track single released monday April 11.

Two tracks lifted off the upcoming album Nattmotiv.

When I started working on my new album In January of 2015 I wanted to make a set of ambient tracks, but over the course of the year it grew into something quite different.

I invited saxophonist Benny Morrison from USA and vocalist Christina Willatt from Canada to collaborate on a few tracks, and by the end of the year we had 9 tracks finished. However, two of the tracks seemed misplaced, with a different vibe than the rest of tracks. So I made the decision to not include these tracks on the main album, but instead release them as a 2-track single.

The single is now being released on the brand new bandcamp page of Anders Ilar.

It is the first release of the newly re-launched Pinesky label.

INUTI was the first track I worked on with Benny, where he plays tenor and baritone saxes. The result was so different from what I expected, it took the track in a completely new direction.

In the words of Benny; "I approached this recording session from outside the box of what a "saxophonist" may normally be inclined to play. There are some elephant squeals, squeaks, and other non-traditional sax sounds in some parts of the tracks."

Almost a year later the idea came to take the track even one step further, and a juicy bassline from a TB-303 Devilfish was added. Again the track development took an unsuspected turn and the result was very interesting. Is this the first time two saxophones get it on with a 303? What would you even call such a threesome?

MOON features vocals and lyrics by vocalist Christina Willatt from Canada. She is also a part of Wormwood Music together with Andrew Wenaus. They previously did a remix for Our Loving Sun - Face Toward the Sun, which appears on the Touched 2 - Remixes compilation. I was so impressed with the additional vocals they added to that remix, so I asked her if she would be interested in providing vocals for a new track. She was up for the challange. The result is an ethereal take on Synthpop, with hints of IDM and New Age.

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