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"Those who try to pigeonhole Swedish producer Anders Ilar into any one genre are guaranteed to find him much too slippery. Since getting his start around the turn of the century, Ilar has investigated everything from open air ambient and chilly dub textures to more thumping techno and languid deep-house. The depth of his sonic abilities has made him attractive to a wide range of labels including Shitkatapult, Level Records, and Further Records..."
- Little White Earbuds

"The first thing that strikes home about Ilar is the variety of styles he draws upon. Electronica is meshed with minimal techno and deep house. He takes warm analogue elements and mixes them with the steely chill of digital sounds. The traditional borders of hardware and software are blurred in this diverse aural dip."
- Igloo Magazine

"There's a techno dimension present, but Ilar's clearly hunting bigger game than stripped-down club bangers with the recording's focus as much on deep tracks heavy on mystical atmosphere. His originals are polished astral-travelers that sometimes meld the finer elements of electronic dance and listening forms into a single, personalized style."

"Anders Ilar is one of the most underrated producers working in electronic music today. His sound blurs the lines between techno, IDM and ambient, creating a style all his own."
- Big Shot Magazine

"Anders Ilar makes the kind of warm, dreamy, melodic techno that evokes the wintry landscapes of his homeland. His love of the genre stems from his early interest in ambient pioneers such as Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre, by way of the dark (Skinny Puppy, Front 242), the moody (Cocteau Twins, Lush) and the tech-obsessed (Aphex Twin, early Cologne records)."
- Resident Advisor

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Born in 1973, Anders Ilar began his explorations of electronic music in the mid 80s. Growing up in the small town of Ludvika in Sweden, Ilar spent all of his spare time playing with synthesizers, drum machines, keyboards and sequensers, learning the ins and outs of analogue and digital sound and music creation. Inspired by the early industrial and EBM wave he formed several bands with friends, started playing live shows at smaller local parties, and released several demotapes in very limited quantities. In the 90's he gradually shifted his creative influences towards ambient techno and acid and also started to DJ. He started using computer software to produce his music around 1999 and his first vinyl EP was released in 2001 on the german label Plong!, soon to be followed by many more releases on labels such as Shitkatapult, and Echocord. Developing his own flavour of deep minimal dub techno and ambient he gained critical acclaim with his album Nightwidth (2006) for Narita Records in USA. Followed by highly appraised album Sworn on the german label Level Records in 2008. Ilar has also made remixes for celebrated artists such as Apparat, Mikkel Metal and Ripperton and has appeared on numerous compilations and DJ-mixes. He's performed live on stage through-out most European countries and Japan, as well as doing a small tour with Notch Festival in China in 2008.
Up to 2016 Anders Ilar has produced 13 albums and 25 vinyl EP's and performed in over 15 countries.



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